June 19, 2024

Motorcycle Rides:  California’s Top routes for Bikers

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Nothing beats the beautiful state of California for motorcycle journeys. It has everything to offer, from foggy highlands to arid deserts, and endless coasts to busy cities.

Such vacations are worthwhile whether you are a pro rider who wants to take your brand-new Harley Davidson on a long ride, or you want to rent a motorcycle in San Francisco and cruise throughout this lovely state.

California boasts a wide range of roads that provide a freeing experience for bikers. Simply, there is something for everyone. Today, we’ve collected a list of some of the top Californian routes to consider if you want to hop on your bike and explore every inch of this massive state.


Joshua Tree National Park


This roadway cuts through Joshua Tree National Park’s picturesque and natural features. If you reside in Los Angeles, it is only two hours away and great for a scenic drive through motorways and rural highways.

The route is around 70 miles long and takes about 90 minutes to complete, looping through lush woods and calm stark desert. Summers in this region can be unpleasant, so plan your trip for the winter. If you go in the summer, try to go before 10-11 AM or after 5 PM, as the temperature can reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon. As a result, staying hydrated and properly outfitted is critical.


Pacific Coast Highway One


This coastal highway traverses almost the whole length of California’s western coast and is the most visible state route in the country. Pacific Coast Highway showcases some of the country’s most popular destinations, including the Golden Gate, Big Sur, Ventura, and others.

Whether you travel the entire PCH or just a piece of it, you will be rewarded with several views of spectacular ocean views and big hilly landscapes. Riding the PCH is a freeing experience, devoid of city noise and traffic.


California Route 74


This roadway connects Orange and Riverside counties. This roadway, which is relatively unknown in comparison to other Californian motorcycle journeys, has the wonderful beauty of several national forests, Pacific beaches, and Coachella Valley. It’s a great road trip for an adrenaline boost because it’s full of twists and turns and exciting weather situations.


Sierra Heritage Highway


This roadway, which loops between the granite peaks of Sierra National Park and magnificent alpine lakes, is an ideal weekend getaway for fishing, rafting, camping, and hiking.

The 72-mile journey begins in Fresno and includes key junctions such as SR 41, SR 180, and Huntington Lake.


California Route 33

This 83.7-mile motorway begins in Ventura at the Ojai Freeway and goes north, splitting through the Maricopa Highway. Route 33 is ideal for solo travel due to its unique and magnificent topography. The infinite peaceful roads provide easy driving while capturing every bit of the Los Padres National Forest’s stunning wildlife.


Feather River Scenic Byway


This ride may please anyone with enough sweeping and tight corners. It intersects in the Feather River Canyon, which provides some of the most beautiful views of the river along the journey.

This byway features waterfalls, Sierra Nevada backdrops, 7 enormous hydraulic dams, and some spectacular rail bridges, as well as natural and man-made wonders.


Conzelman Road From San Francisco

This summer, why not ride the city stress in San Francisco? To get to the Golden Gate Recreational Area, hop on your bike or hire one in San Francisco. This path provides an ideal location away from the downtown crowds for a pleasant experience.

You can take Conzelman Road from here and bike to the west coast. Allow the seaside breeze to run through your hair while you drive. The ride can be concluded at the Point Bonita lighthouse, which is located close the cove.



California is extremely incredible, and it’s not an exaggeration when we say it is God’s own country in terms of scenery and beauty. California has more to offer than any other state, from the Sierra Nevadas in the east to the jaw-dropping deserts in the south bay areas.

Hope that it would inspire you to explore the splendor of California on a motorcycle. Keep yourself ready with the necessary safety equipment. Wish you the best of times!

Motorcycle Rides:  California's Top routes for Bikers
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Motorcycle Rides:  California's Top routes for Bikers
Nothing beats the beautiful state of California for motorcycle journeys. It has everything to offer, from foggy highlands to arid deserts, and endless coasts to busy cities.
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